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Dive back into post-divorce dating, navigate today's dating scene, or seek a relationship that aligns with your true self. I guide you toward authentic love, grounded in wisdom and enriched by fun experiences.

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Dinner-Dating for Singles in Zurich

Dinner-Dating is a way to socially network in a small group , while taking the time to really get to know one another, grow your circle of friends and potentially go on a date with someone you went on a dinner with. Dinner-Dating offers busy professional singles the chance to meet and connect during a relaxing and fun dinner together. None of the awkwardness of blind dating, or the stress of loud big events. Just a fun and relaxing evening in a group of 8-10 interesting and fun people.

Human connections shape Neuroconnections

When we are not doing the things we need to do, we treat ourselves to things we want to do/enjoy doing. For me, it's being around people I love, I feel a good connection with. People I can just be myself, switch off, have a great time with. There is endless research and articles suggesting that Human connections shape Neuroconnections. That relationships and connections promote security and that security and well being, strengthens our ability to develop new skills, manage trauma, achieve change, and the list goes on.. How many people like this do you know? Ready to meet more?

What is an Intrinsic goal?

A milestone change such as a separation or a change of location, these are just some examples of what may trigger us to start working on a personal goal. An Intrinsic goal. In other words, a goal that is connected to a core value of ours, related to our identity. Finding love, saving your marriage, these are the intrinsic goals my clients have. And just like any important goal, the motivation to work on it is connected to 2 main things: The joy of performing the tasks involved and The reward at the end. Here is how I help my clients during this process of reaching their essential goal.

Getting Over A Breakup

How do we move on after a breakup, especially if it was not initiated by you? We’ve all had our heart broken at some point in our lives, and it hurts. Here is how you can get over a heartache and move on.

Will I Ever Love Again?

Women tend to over analyse certain situations due to previous bad experiences. “I have given up on men”, “I am better off alone”, “I don’t need a man to make me happy” – are just some of the comments I hear.

Hikes For Singles Ages 40+ In The Zürich Area

It’s time to meet local singles! Every 2 weeks, I organize a light hike and picnic for Singles as a fun and easy way to meet people. Join us for a great day outdoors and increase your network with like- minded, local Singles. See you on my hikes!

Hi! Its Me, Sharon Eriksson, Your Relationship and Love Coach

I work with men and women from all over the world in the topics of love, relationships and communication. My clients benefit from my support in these 3 stages of their lives: Looking for love, starting a new relationship, and long-term relationships. Here is how:

The Day After Your First Night Together

You have been dating … and last night you took it to the next level… How do things look the next day? Men vs. Women. Do you wait for him to write? Does she expect more of you now? This short video is all about intimacy in a new relationship. Enjoy!

7 Reasons Why Men LOVE Dating Women In Their 50s And Older

Are you having a hard time with the changes that your body is going through? Do you find that single men in their 50s and older are simply into younger women? In this video I am going to share 7 reasons why men LOVE dating women over 50.

The Best Way To Respond If Your Date Is Asking You: Where Do Things Stand Between Us?

Women I coach often share with me that as a result of asking: “Where do things stand between us?”, the energy in the relationship changes. This video is for both men and women to understand: Why is it so important for women to ask this question? Consequently, why do men feel so pressured when asked this question, even though they are happy? And finally, how to keep the communication between both of you clear and simple.