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The pain you cause her when you “vanish” after being intimate with her

This blog is for men explaining the women’s side.

I feel it is time for me to write about this. Every other woman I speak to, has been in this situation after getting intimate with a man…

Set the standard from the very beginning: Effort goes both ways!

Set the standard from the very beginning of a relationship: Effort goes both ways!

We have a busy life, often not as much time as we would like for socializing, hobbies, doing things we are passionate about.

The way we choose how to spend our time has to do with how important are these activities or people to us.

The small secret to dating quality women

Satisfying a woman is not only about her immediate and basic needs but also the way she will be looking back at it and feeling about it in the near and later future.

9 Tips to optimise your dating experience

Tip nr. 1 : Give the right first impression:

Whether you are going on a date, curious about someone you like, met someone on the bus station you find cute…

However nervous you are, you need to make the right first impression – What will they remember about you?