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Are You Drifting Apart? — It Does Not Have To Be The End

Are you are in a long-term relationship and the excitement of discovering one another has faded? Do you feel like you can anticipate each other’s moves, so that there are no more surprises? Has routine taken over your relationship?

Have things become too comfortable? Have you gotten a bit lazy and stopped making an effort?

Maybe you have stopped complimenting each other. You don’t go on fun excursions anymore. And instead of looking forward to something fun on the weekend, you spend them in the supermarket and at family gatherings.

Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago that you felt the excitement of being in a relationship and you wonder if you can ever bring the passion back into your lives.

Well, you can! Re-igniting the intimacy and interest in your partner is a matter of re-visiting the fun and important things you shared in a light and gradual way. You already have it; you just need a fresh boost.

I can offer you relationship and intimacy advice that will inspire and excite you to start rediscovering one another and help you find ways to surprise your partner. I’ll help you to strengthen your relationship, bring back sexual attraction, and save your marriage.


What to Expect

In a long-term relationship, open and clear communication is key to becoming closer. My clients often tell me: “My partner and I speak all the time – we communicate well.”

But when was the last time you told her how beautiful she is? Or you told him how much you miss the small trips you used to take every weekend?

With time, communication becomes routine and we forget to express what we feel, miss, and wish for.

Sometimes, couples drift apart due to a traumatic experience, lack of mutual interests or quality time together. Your lifestyles have changed. There are parts which feel safe, good and comfortable, and others that are boring and passionless.

Routine, the lack of appreciation from your partner, a lack in communication and lost passion may lead to you to believe that love and affection can never be retrieved. Many people seek compensation outside of the marriage.
I met my partner in 1998 and have been in a loving and supportive relationship since then. Like every other relationship, we have had our ups and downs. I know firsthand the work involved in keeping a relationship strong. A relationship that serves both our needs and helps us grow individually and as a couple.
What can you expect from working together? We will create ways to implement small changes gradually into your lifestyle, bringing the intimacy, love and excitement back in.

In most cases, the emotions you used to feel for your partner are not lost. They were merely set aside when routine took over. This means, that they can be brought back by changing the way you communicate and behave around each other in your daily life.

You know what you want, need, feel but are just unsure how to say it in a way that doesn’t hurt, upset or disappoint your partner. I will help you restore open communication that brings you closer instead of widening the gap between you.

I respect and protect the privacy of my clients to the highest level. The information you share with me will not be shared with anyone.

Your partner most likely feels the same way you do. But remember, you are here because you care, you value your relationship and want to save your marriage.

I can imagine you are thinking: “How will I bring up the topic of working with a relationship coach? This means admitting, we need help!”

What it also says is: “I remember the better times we had, and I miss being close to you.”

Once we have spoken, I will help you introduce the idea of working together, to your partner. Our conversations will be open and relaxing, and you will feel a quick change both in your approach and in your partner’s. This will give you the confidence and encouragement to explore more of my simple techniques to improve the communication and passion between the two of you.

Ready to bring new energy into your relationship? Ready to change unhealthy patterns?

Then contact me so I can help you and your partner find each other again: