Has routine taken over intimacy and passion?

“Does my partner still find me attractive?”

Are you struggling with trust after being cheated on?”

Relationship`s main anchor is trust. Having a safe and open communication channel helps maintain trust.

Sharing the same values and wanting the same things, reassures us of the future together. And helps us maintain respect and appreciation towards each other.  

Not being able to communicate freely with your partner, will create tension, which will lead to an emotional and physical gap between the two of you.

You want things to be better but you are not sure if that is still possible. Your partner “ticks many boxes” but the intimacy and affection are no longer there. You partner seems less interested in physical intimacy and although the elephant in the room is only growing, no one knows how to approach it.

If you have been cheated on by your partner or a previous partner, maintaining trust is a big challenge. Any action your partner is taking is been looked at as guilty until proven otherwise. Can you save this relationship? Do you want to?

How will you benefit from working with me?

It’s often the case that only one partner is interested in trying relationship coaching. I would therefore start with 1-1 single coaching sessions with that partner.  

1. I will provide you with a safe, supportive and trusting space.  The sessions are about you. What you want and how you will get it.

2. You will discover a beautiful side of you that you may have not know about or forgotten it existed. With that, you will be bringing into your relationship positive fresh energy.

3. You will become a happier, stronger and more confident person

4. Should you choose to work on your relationship, your partner will join in after you have discovered exactly what you want and deserve to have. I will be there to support you both.

5. You will be communicating openly and respectfully to one another, and will leave after every session with small agreed upon tasks to try out at home, that will help you improve your relationship.

6. My goal is for you to achieve your goal. I am therefore available for you daily, in between our sessions. You may contact me throughout the week. I am here to support you.

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