How will we be working together? 

1.  Prior to us working together,  we will set up a video call or meet up for a coffee.

I will take the time to get to know you: What your personal relationship goals are. What you have tried so far. And what your expectations are from us working together.

I will explain how I work with my clients so they find their love, have a healthy and happy relationship, and communicate their needs to their partners.  Depending on what you would like us to work on.

2.  Based on my intuition, experience and the information you have given me, I will prepare a personalised program. One that will be based on your personal goals, and will accommodate your busy schedule.

3.  From the moment we start working together, I make your goal my goal and we will be working as a team. We will schedule weekly or bi-weekly session and you would have the possibility to reach me as much as you need in between those sessions.  

4. Session will mostly be online via Zoom and occasionally online, in nature. In nature, you will feel relaxed, hopeful and energized. Fresh air and constructive sessions will bring creative and new ideas of ways to move forward.

5.  At the end of every session, online or outdoors in nature, we will agree on challenging tasks you will prepare for the next session. This is part of you expanding your comfort zone and will help you move closer towards reaching your goal.

What can you expect from us working together?

Healthy and clear communication is essential in every relationship in life. With our families, co-workers and when meeting people the very first time. 

I believe in creating opportunities rather than waiting for them to happen. Learn to communicate your wishes clearly and to the right people. 

for that to happen, you need confidence, clarity and letting go of fear.. Fear is the nr. 1 reason why people don`t express themselves to others. Fear of being misunderstood, being hurt or hurting someone, disappointing someone, losing someone, etc. 

Fear is connected to self belief and past experiences which can`t be erased. But what we can do, is change our perspective by gaining strength and confidence. Become strong communicators. Which will then lead to new and positive experiences, increase our self confidence and remove our fears. And with that – Opportunities are limitless! 

Don`t waste any more time wishing you had someone you love by your side.

It`s time for you to have a fun and fulfilling social life

Experience connecting and dating people who are a better match for you

Example of a package for WOMEN

Attract the right partner into your life

You are a strong and independent woman!

You have focused yourself on climbing the corporate ladder and achieve goals you are proud of.

Not being together with a supportive, loving partner and starting a family is the one goal you so deeply want and have not (yet) achieved.

You feel that no matter how hard you try, you are not getting closer to meeting Mr. Right.  

You ask yourself:

Why can`t I attract the right men into my life?

What am I doing wrong?

Will I stay single forever?

You have done your very best to put yourself out there. You went on dates and was open and clear with men about where you are heading.

So what is so damn hard about finding a good guy, someone who wants the same things you do??

There is nothing unusual about wanting to be in a stable and loving relationship, raising a family, supportive each other.

The truth is:

What you are looking for in a guy is reasonable and there are many men around you who fit that description and would love to get to know you.

From where you are standing now, its feels like:

You have given already so much of yourself, to the wrong men.

You start doubting the existence of the right man for you. You tell yourself, that if he was around, you would have met him by now in any of the parties, online dating sites, and activities you have taken part in. The sad thing is that it makes you doubt yourself. And that feeling, sends out the wrong signal to men. They feel your doubt, your fear, your pain, and sometimes yes, even your desperation. They may like you, and would like to get to know you, but will

They have gone through emotional experiences too and are looking for someone who will show them a happier place.

Your guy is out there, and this is how I can help you:

You will gain back your power and your confidence in yourself.

You are an amazing woman. Remember your worth!

You will stand out every time you walk into a room. Having confidence and irresistible aura that makes everyone want to be around you.

You should not be looking for them! They will be coming to you!

People who know me / have worked with will tell you that I help them explore possibilities they never believed they could, or have lost hope of experiencing.

You deserve to be in a happy and loving relationship. I will do my very best to get you there.

Once you gain back the power, their possibilities in love are limitless.

Example of a package for MEN

Find the ONE and bring back the passion into your life

You are a successful and career oriented man. You dedicating your time to reach your targets and you are proud of what you have achieved. The problem is, it leaves you very little time to socialise. And when you end up going out, you rarely meet your version of the ONE. 

Connecting with women you could see yourself being in a relationship with, is more challenging than you expected.

When you actually end up meeting someone you like, and unexpected change in behaviour occurs and one of you stops the contact, leaving you once again, disappointed.

Sounds familiar?

You ask yourself:

How can I end my pattern of meeting women who are not the right match for me?

So far, online sites and social events I attended, did not bring me closer to my special woman, what will? 

Simply, where is my match and how do I get her to be curious about me?

The truth is:

Guided by your experience and intuition, you know what you are looking for. What will make you happy. 

You realise that change comes with change. Question is, what needs to change in order for you to bring passion and love into your life?  

A long lasting loving and passionate relationship is what you are really looking for. You are done with one night stands.  

And if it has been a while since you dated, walking to a woman and starting a conversation is (currently) out of your comfort zone.  

What you are telling yourself is:

You have a busy life as it is. you have already invested energy and time on finding the right one. What is there to try that you haven’t already tried?

Maybe she simply does not exist.

This is how I can help you:

I have a very large network of single men and women in Switzerland. Mainly in the area of Zürich.

I organise regular parties, hikes and picnics for my career driven clients so they can meet quality like-minded potential partners. As a relationship coach, we will work out a winning strategy of achieving your goal. Learn what has worked for you so far and what hasn’t. What is important for you to have. We will be exploring exciting and fun ways for you to connect on a regular basis with women you really enjoy being around. 

Women will find you irresistible and you will be more at ease making the right moves because you will be achieving the results you have always wanted.

Being a woman, a relationship coach who has coached women for years on relationship, love and intimacy, I will teach you to read a women`s body language and signals perfectly and with that, minimize the “pain” and maximize the “gain” of your new experiences.

In between our sessions and throughout the time we work together, you will have my undivided attention and you can reach me to discuss