My best selling service! Why?

Extensive studies have proven the connection between our physical and our mental well-being.

Studies have also shown that through physical movement you can trigger transformation in your mind. Movement keeps your creativity channels open, you are more optimistic and willing to make changes in your life.

When your body is in movement, your mind is more at ease with the idea of moving forward, and away from the situation you are in now.

How does coaching on the go work? 

Coaching on the go
is structured the same way as my online coaching, with the exception of us walking for the entire 60min or 90min session verses online video coaching. 

Sessions are weekly. Personalised packages of 6 sessions, 8 sessions, 12 sessions. 

Coaching program overview: 

+ Prior to any coaching package we will set up a 30min phone call = a free discovery session to discuss the options of working together 

+ After the first session I will build up a customised module for us to work towards achieving your personal goals. 

+ Our session are weekly and of 60min or 90min.

+ After every session we will agree on a small task you will prepare for the next session. This is part of the progress towards achieving your personal goals!

+ Unlimited email support is included in each package to keep us connected between sessions. 

If you have any questions, updates or feel like sharing an experience, I am here for you!