improve your relationship

The only way to get your partner to change their perspective or try something new is by presenting to them, in their own words their personal gain and the minimum risk involved.  

When I start working with couples online. It’s always one side who contacts me and often without their partner knowing about it. They want to make some changes, have tried many things before, heard of the benefits of coaching, or are simply concerned about where their relationship is heading. Bringing the partner to a point where they are willing to try speaking to a total stranger about the most personal things is daunting. They would literally rather try anything else before they do that. But, remember you both have something in common: You are currently unhappy. Answer this: What is your Partner’s greatest wish? And biggest fear? Showing them you fully understand their risks and also their win – which is your win too… you are on the right track of you two working together on your relationship.

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