Dec 2018

14 REASONS you are not finding a partner when you are 50+ and 12 TIPS to change that

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14 Reasons why you are not finding a partner in your 50s and later 1. Your friends and family know you are not in a relationship but may be unaware you are ready for one 2. For most people, going to singles events is not easy. You tell yourself you need to attend an X amount of parties [...]

Oct 2018

Top 9 reasons men LOVE dating women over 50

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As a Boomer woman, finding yourself back again in the “dating pool” may feel overwhelming. There is a general feeling that you may be “competing” with younger women. From my experience, that is not the case. Here is how men in their second stage of life, see you and therefore, would LOVE to be with [...]

Sep 2018

What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity – By Karin Jones

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An interesting message from a woman who had affairs with married men I would like to share this interesting message with you without adding too many words. As I was reading this open and interesting Blog, it brought me back to so many discussions I have had and still do. Her story has pieces which [...]

Aug 2018

Bad experience with online dating? you are not alone

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As a relationship and communication coach, I am interested in the many ways people communicate in order to achieve the results they are aiming for. I often speak to people who have experience with online dating. I ask them the following 2 questions: What is it that makes Online dating so appealing for you?  Were [...]

Jun 2018

From friends to lovers: HOW do we turn a friendship into a relationship?

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Do you have a friend you would like to get much closer to? How can you make them realize you would like more, without loosing them altogether?  In order for your friend to understand you would like to get closer romantically, they need to see some changes in your behavior, the time you are spending [...]

Apr 2018

Endless cycle of bad dates, why am I drawn to them and how do I end this pattern?

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Unhealthy relationship patterns often develop in childhood. A model/s you have grown up with and has left an impression of it being a normal relationship or something distressful that you should avoid. Here are 10 ways to better understand and avoid such 1. List the top 4-5 most important relationships you can remember Ones whom you consider [...]

Sep 2017

How to spice up your long term relationship? 7 fun and easy steps

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Are you missing the physical and emotional excitement you used to have years ago?  Do you find yourself less motivated to make love to your partner?  Does one of you have a higher sex drive than the other?  With every year that passes by, family, responsibilities and routine take a bigger part of your life. [...]

Aug 2017

What do we expect of men and why?

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We don`t all have the same expectations. They are based on what we know, going all the way to childhood, remembering how our parents were towards each other. Making a conscious decision of wanting or not wanting that. But using the first relationship in our memory as an example. We then later on have our [...]

Jul 2017

The signals we send out are often misunderstood – why is that?

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What`s in a smile, a touch? Can we and should we analyze every move of the person we had a lovely encounter with? Is it even fair having all that weight and expectation on a person we barely know?   I recommend my clients not to.   I don`t believe it to be helpful and [...]