Where do things stand between us? This is how you can find out

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Women I coach often share with me that as a result of asking: Where do things stand between us, the energy in the relationship changes. This video is both for men and women to understand: [...]

6 essential qualities a man wants in order to commit to you

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You started dating a man and feel the strong emotional and physical connection between the two of you. You spend a lot of time together, have meaningful conversations, and you both vision the same things [...]

“No matter what I do, I end up dating the same type of people again and again” 3 Tips to change that

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Do you feel that no matter where you meet them, how different the circumstance are, the result is the same. You end up meeting the same kind of people, the wrong ones for you.   [...]

7 Pros, 7 cons and 7 tips of how to start all over again after a divorce

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Cons - What people felt were the hardest things they had to deal with after the divorce: 1. Learning to trust again. Giving people the benefit of the doubt, a real chance without the fear [...]

Can you forgive and not forget? Here is how you can make that happen

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Are you holding on to anger, disappointment, betrayal? With time this will wear you down physically and mentally. Carrying those emotions from a previous relationship means they will enter your future relationships whether you like [...]

Fear of physical and emotional intimacy. Here is what you need to do

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Fear of physical and emotional intimacy when dating at a later stage of your life What is it about intimacy that frightens you the most? Is it the vulnerability of opening up to someone physically and emotionally? [...]