Sharon Eriksson
Sharon ErikssonYour Coach

How important is it for you to live a truly fulfilling life?

Fulfilment is about feeling ALIVE in every part of your body and soul. It’s about letting go of all limitations and restrictions that stop you from moving forward. It teaches you to be true to yourself by discovering your uniqueness and great values and stepping out of the box – your comfort zone.

It is about getting excited to try new things, testing your capacities and with that, overcoming your fears. Because let’s face it: We’re all afraid of different things.

What scares us the most is the unknown, something new, unexpected, a change that is so very different to what we are used to, that may “disturb” what we believe is the Balance in our lives – the way we have been living so far.

Having BALANCE in your life means that each part of your life needs to be in harmony with the others.

Everything is connected: Relationships, Career, Health – all are part of our Personal Growth and they influence and affect each other. When you are blocked in one part of your life, you will find it harder to grow in others.

But what if YOU make this change consciously?

What if YOU decide to say YES to this action? Yes to an improvement, to a change that makes things better. Will the feeling of gaining power back into your hands help with overcoming the fears that are connected to this change?

I believe so.

Lets do this together. I will be supporting you in every step of the way until you feel you are comfortable in your new and stronger YOU!