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Expectations are an expression of the belief of a certain future outcome. We base them on experience, and sometimes the desire for it to be the way we would like to. By having expectations, it`s as if we are saying, we have a level of trust in this person to behave in a certain way. Or, according to my experience and knowledge, I expect the outcome to be this way.

Guessing a certain outcome or behavior is not a bad a thing but anticipating for the result to be as you expect it to and when not, feel hurt or disappointed, is not the best way to go.

In this workshop we will be looking at:

How much can we expect of others and of ourselves? And how do we communicate our expectations with our loved ones when the result ends differently as we have expected it to be?

What do expectations create when we drag them from experiences in our previous relationships into the new one? How can we prevent that from happening and how can we better communicate our thoughts the best way with our new partner?

What is the connection between expectations and control and how do we let go partly of it and let ourselves be surprised and excited instead?

x1 Participation fee 70.00CHF

x2 Participants – Bring a friend 100.00CHF for both

Including soft drinks and light refreshments