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How can you benefit from this workshop, and what will You be learning?

You enter a relationship believing things will happen at a certain way, and maybe you even avoid starting a relationship because of those expectations. The impact of that is that you don`t enjoy the full potential of what is around you.  When was the last time you paused to think if what you are demanding is actually serving your needs and wishes perfectly?

Your previous relationship/s have left a mark on you. When you meet someone you subconsciously compare him/her to your ex, which means you are either drawn to them or avoid them. But there is a reason why an ex is an ex, and the person you have just met is not your ex..

Give people a change to surprise you.

Going on a date can be stressful, and you are so focused on dressing the right way, saying the right things that you end up behaving and saying things you don`t always feel are true to the real you. What if you could read and understand the body language of the person in front of you? or if you could remove the fears and just be relaxed and comfortable in your own skin?

Communicating what is important to us in the right way is key! Because by doing that, there are no misunderstanding, no confusion, no pain and a lot of respect from the person you share it with. Men and women communicate differently even when they wish the very same things. We will be learning how to express our wishes in a very clear and beautiful way.