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Has life taken over and dried up the passion?

It`s time to get curious, and try something new!


Who can benefit from this workshop? 

You are in a relationship which once had more passion and you miss it

You are in a relationship which you would like to deepened with healthy and open communication channels

You have compromised in past relationships because you felt you had to. Learn how to get what you want and help your partner get it as well. Help each other grow.

What will You be learning in this Workshop? 

You will learn how to get more passionate and spice up your relationship.

You will learn way of having great communication and avoid conflicts in your relationships.

You will have small tasks to complete alone or together. And will be having some fun with role playing.

Date & Venue:

22 February 2017 18:00-21:00 – HOTEL EDEN AU LAC


For more information, or if you prefer to pay via online banking, please send me an email: sharon@lifedesigner.coach