Are you beginning to lose hope finding the right one?

Ready to break your pattern of dating the same type over and over?

Would you like to know what women find attractive about you?

You have a demanding job, which leaves you with little time to socialise.

Your friends keep setting you up with the wrong kind of women

You`ve put yourself on different online dating sites, leaving you disappointed

And when you actually end up dating someone you like, and get intimate with her,  she starts acting differently. You are put off by her behaviour and end it.

Leaving her hurt. And you, once again, disappointed.

Women have their “Agenda” on how much time they are willing to invest in getting to know you . Before they decide if you are ready to commit or not. If not, you are labeled as having commitment issues.

Sounds familiar?

How will you benefit from working with me?

You will truly understand what goes inside a woman’s mind. This will make you irresistible, which means, you will FINALLY draw to you the women you want in your life.

If you are a shy guy – You will gain more confidence, flirt more naturally and deepened the connection to women faster.

You will learn how to speak her language, perfectly understand how her mind works and with that, see the signs before they become an unhealthy/ familiar pattern

Also, better understanding women and gaining better dating experience means, that you can really be yourself minus the pressure and worry of going through another painful, disappointing, negative experience.

With the confident and charming YOU, you are now a woman’s magnet.

My goal is for you to achieve your goal. I am therefore available for you daily, in between our sessions. You may contact me throughout the week. I am here to support you.

I host regular workshops, hikes, open online discussions online and activities in the topics of love, relationship and sex.

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