improve your relationship
Show your partner their personal gain and the minimum risk involved in change

The only way to get your partner to change their perspective or try something new is by presenting to them, in their own words their personal gain and the minimum risk involved.   When I start working with couples online.

Every Relationship comes to a crossroad more than once

Every Relationship comes to a crossroad more than once. 6 Tips on how to work through it: It’s the time to reflect on all that you have, love, appreciate and built over the years. Walking away from a relationship should

Empathy with your Partner
When raising a sensitive topic with your spouse, focus on expressing empathy & fairness

It takes courage to raise a topic that has been bothering you for a while with your spouse. We tend to hold on to it for too long, letting it build up in our mind, creating doubt, fear, even distrust.

Would you have an affair, If you wouldn’t be risking your marriage and hurting your partner?

Many of you would admit (not publicly) that they would have an affair if it would be risk free, explaining that cheating does not mean they no longer want to be with their partner.  You love your partner and the

LOVE is fundamental

Having a job you enjoy is important because ….. Having a good education is important because ….. Staying fit is important because ….. If you would have to complete any of those sentences, you wouldn’t need to spend more than

Set the standard from the very beginning: Effort goes both ways!

  Set the standard from the very beginning of a relationship: Effort goes both ways! We have a busy life, often not as much time as we would like for socializing, hobbies, doing things we are passionate about. The way