Aug 2017

What do we expect of men and why?

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We don`t all have the same expectations. They are based on what we know, going all the way to childhood, remembering how our parents were towards each other. Making a conscious decision of wanting or not wanting that. But using the first relationship in our memory as an example. We then later on have our [...]

Jul 2017

The signals we send out are often misunderstood – why is that?

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What`s in a smile, a touch? Can we and should we analyze every move of the person we had a lovely encounter with? Is it even fair having all that weight and expectation on a person we barely know?   I recommend my clients not to.   I don`t believe it to be helpful and [...]

Apr 2017

We had a beautiful and loving relationship, why did she/he have an affair and ruin it for us?

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I hear that often enough coming from both sides, I feel their pain, disappointment and deep sadness. It`s not easy to move on from that. You chose the person you will trust, love, open up to, and hopefully spend the rest of your life with and this person left you crushed in pieces, ashamed, hurt, [...]