May 2020

The tremendous impact of Quarantine in the relationship – what now?

By |2020-05-28T10:36:03+01:00May 28th, 2020|Communication, healthy relationship, intimacy|0 Comments

The last few months have been extremely difficult for many couples. Life was moving slower and there was no personal space.  Things that bothered you in your relationship have become more visible and disturbing during the quarantine period.  You think, how long can I stay in this situation? Will this ever change? Is it [...]

Jan 2020

The pain you cause her when you “vanish” after being intimate with her

By |2020-01-24T17:54:27+01:00January 23rd, 2020|Communication, Dating, Tips for Men|0 Comments

The pain you cause her when you “vanish” after being intimate with her, is selfish and unkind. I feel it is time for me to write about this. Every other woman I speak to, has been in this situation after getting intimate with a man… This blog is for men explaining the women’s side. [...]

Jul 2019

Hikes for singles ages 40+ in the Zürich area

By |2019-07-15T17:02:11+01:00July 15th, 2019|Communication, Networking, Videos|0 Comments

Its time you meet local singles! Every 2 weeks, you have the chance to take part in a light hike and picnic for Singles. A fun and easy way to meet smart, single people! Join us on a great day in nature because it is time you increase your network with like minded local Singles. [...]

Jul 2019

Where do things stand between us? This is how you can find out

By |2019-07-15T17:03:11+01:00July 15th, 2019|Communication, Dating, healthy relationship, Videos|0 Comments

Women I coach often share with me that as a result of asking: Where do things stand between us, the energy in the relationship changes. This video is both for men and women to understand:  Why is it so important for women to ask this question.  Consequently, why men feel so pressured when asked that [...]

Apr 2019

6 essential qualities a man wants in order to commit to you

By |2019-07-12T20:38:50+01:00April 30th, 2019|Communication, Dating, Networking, Tips for Women|0 Comments

You started dating a man and feel the strong emotional and physical connection between the two of you. You spend a lot of time together, have meaningful conversations, and you both vision the same things in your future. So after a few months, you want to know where things are heading. Do you two have [...]

Apr 2019

“No matter what I do, I end up dating the same type of people again and again” 3 Tips to change that

By |2019-07-12T20:40:22+01:00April 8th, 2019|Communication, Dating, Networking, Tips for Men, Tips for Women|0 Comments

Do you feel that no matter where you meet them, how different the circumstance are, the result is the same. You end up meeting the same kind of people, the wrong ones for you.   Example nr. 1: A few days ago I had a lovely conversation with a woman in her 40s who told [...]

Dec 2018

The small secret to dating quality women

By |2019-07-12T20:46:03+01:00December 20th, 2018|Communication, Dating, Tips for Men|0 Comments

Men work with me so they can date women who are a better match for them. By understanding how a woman thinks and acts upon,  you men have the opportunity to get to know these wonderful women. Here is a basic and funny example to the different actions taken by a man and by a [...]

Sep 2018

What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity – By Karin Jones

By |2019-07-12T20:48:39+01:00September 27th, 2018|Communication, healthy relationship|0 Comments

An interesting message from a woman who had affairs with married men I would like to share this interesting message with you without adding too many words. As I was reading this open and interesting Blog, it brought me back to so many discussions I have had and still do. Her story has pieces which [...]

Jun 2018

From friends to lovers: HOW do we turn a friendship into a relationship?

By |2019-07-12T20:51:30+01:00June 6th, 2018|Communication, healthy relationship|0 Comments

Do you have a friend you would like to get much closer to? How can you make them realize you would like more, without loosing them altogether?  In order for your friend to understand you would like to get closer romantically, they need to see some changes in your behavior, the time you are spending [...]

Sep 2017

How to spice up your long term relationship? 7 fun and easy steps

By |2018-10-20T05:21:14+01:00September 27th, 2017|Communication, healthy relationship|0 Comments

Are you missing the physical and emotional excitement you used to have years ago?  Do you find yourself less motivated to make love to your partner?  Does one of you have a higher sex drive than the other?  With every year that passes by, family, responsibilities and routine take a bigger part of your life. [...]

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