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Brain-Based Communication Coach

Sharon Eriksson

Blending Neuroscience and Negotiation for Personal and Professional Growth

My Story

I’ve always been curios, to explore new places, meet incredible people, and soak up the richness of different cultures.

I firmly believe in the limitless adventures that await when you open yourself up to the world.

At the age of 22, I made a life-changing move to Switzerland. It meant leaving behind my family, friends, and everything familiar . It was then that I realized the incredible power of making connections.

Those connections, they gave me a sense of belonging that transcended distance. I learned that reaching out, truly listening, and communicating clearly were not just skills – they were my compass.

They gave me the confidence to help others find solutions, and in the process, I discovered my own self-worth. It was like opening a door to a world of opportunities.

Military service

Like every female 18-year-old in Israel, I served my two years.

In an instant, I went from being a carefree teenager to a responsible adult, making life-and-death decisions and living with their consequences.

It was about asking the right questions, paying attention to every detail, and keeping your cool in stressful situations.

Clear communication, team work and trust are essential. I was just a young woman, adapting to new situations, shedding my fears, and picking up countless new skills – neuroplasticity without even realising it.

Those two years, they shaped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Those two years have shaped me to who I am today.  

Beginning a new life here in Switzerland

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself in Zurich for the first time.

Fuelled by my curiosity about the culture and its people, I was determined to make Switzerland my new home. 

However, the challenge of forging connections here was no walk in the park.

I needed to discover innovative and effective ways to build a network that extended both personally and professionally.

It was here that I honed my cross-cultural communication skills, a valuable toolkit that opened doors to respect and success.

I learned to pay attention to the unspoken cues, adopting an empathic approach to communication while strategically navigating cultural nuances.

Today, I’m proud to say that many of these connections have grown into close friendships, mentoring relationships, and enduring They’ve not only enriched my life but also fuelled my passion for helping others forge their own meaningful connections.

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Entrepreneur s

Becoming an Entrepreneur

My journey as an entrepreneur began in 2008 when I took the bold step of opening a small business. 

My mission was clear: to guide new mothers through the delicate balancing act of embracing motherhood while adapting to a new normal. 

These incredible women were transitioning from being career-driven to managing households, caring for newborns, and rediscovering the importance of self-love.

My role involved empowering these remarkable women to express their needs assertively and empathically. It was a rewarding experience that laid the foundation for my coaching journey.

Years later, armed with my coaching certification and a wealth of experience, I made a conscious choice to shift my focus to coaching men. 

I introduced them to essential skills such as emotion regulation and active listening techniques, empowering them to strengthen connections and build trust in their relationships.

The natural progression led me to work with couples. Drawing from my negotiation education, I helped couples navigate conflicts, nurture trust, and deepen their intimacy. Through it all, I’ve come to believe that true happiness begins with the profound connections we build with ourselves and others.

Today, I guide people in building and maintaining meaningful connections in both their personal and professional lives.

Drawing from my background in neuroscience and negotiation, as well as the wisdom gained from life’s experiences, I offer a unique perspective.

connections are the heartbeat of our existence, essential for our well-being and sense of self-worth. And here’s the secret sauce: profound communication skills. They unlocks doors to opportunities, helping us reach our full potential and achieve those dreams we have been nurturing.

Today is your day to take that step towards achievement. Are you curious about how to turn those dreams into reality?  let’s do this  together!