Who Am I?

My name is Sharon and I am a proud mother of 3 lovely boys and in a happy relationship for 20 years, living just outside of Zürich.

Every goal we set for ourselves, every change we would like to reach, begins with the right mind set.

Being confident, believing you deserve the things you wish for, and cutting he cord with your doubts and fears which drag from past experience, will get what you want.

As a relationship and communication coach, I believe that good communication is fundamental to achieving what we wish for. In order to be able to communicate our needs and wishes, we need to feel both confident in ourselves, and have the right opportunity to be relaxed in being yourself.

I support my clients by staying connected with them for as long and as much as they need in between session. This enables them to make the necessary changes faster and with better confidence.

This is where my special activities for singles come into place.

I organize on a regular basis activities for people to connect in a very open, direct and fun way which then enables them to get to know each other on a deeper level from the very beginning of the activity. This helps them to better understand the needs of others and to enhance their communication skills.

I came into coaching after opening my business in 2010. A business which is based purely on women loving their bodies, feeling more content in their lives and choices.

Explore your limits and learn that you are able to extend them.

I look forward meeting you!