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My Story

Are you feeling like the stress and obligations of a chaotic daily life is leaving no space for an intimate relationship?

Or like the more your search for a partner, the further away you feel from finding love?

Moving on from a bad experience, mending a broken heart, getting back the ability to hope, and the courage to take the leap into the unknown, is both difficult and scary — I know.

Through relationship coaching, I help career-oriented singles gain the courage to step outside their business lives and open up to new experiences and relationships and start dating quality local people… But I was on a long journey to get to this point myself.

My personal story begins in Israel. Born to an Israeli dad and an English mom, we didn’t have much money, and both my parents had to work 2 jobs. My 2 younger brothers and I learned from a young age to be independent, that success comes from believing in yourself and working hard. That we were smart and had the abilities to achieve anything we wished for. We had to create our own opportunities and not be afraid to question situations that felt wrong.

Military service

Like every 18 yr. old in Israel, I served 2 years in the army. From one moment to the next, I felt that my childhood was over. At just 18, I was given a huge responsibility. One I couldn’t mess up. I was told that people’s lives were depending on my fast, smart and accurate decisions. Suddenly, I was trusted by people who didn’t even know me. But they believed in me, so I needed to trust my healthy intuition, remind myself of what my parents had taught me, and keep an open and good channel of communication with my officers and the team I was working with. Relationships are all around us and essential for our self development and well being 

Traveling the world

When my military service was over, I needed to travel far away and try something new and completely different. At 20, I found a job in the US and was once again, away from home. I met new people, I worked 11 hours a day, and I got to experience a very different life to the one I was used to. As my contract ended a year later, I came back to Tel Aviv restless, with the urge to explore more, meet more people, learn a new language, and taste life to the fullest.

Beginning a new life

I was given the opportunity to move to Zurich, so I decided to give it all I had. Looking back, the first 2 years where challenging: German was a difficult language to learn, the mentality so different to what I was used to, and I missed my family. There were times I was thinking of packing my things and moving back to Israel. But I felt that before I did, I needed to first give my full effort. Not quit when things got rough, but work harder, build my own roots in this new country.

Starting a family

So, I worked my way up, learning about the culture and in parallel, building a career. I was so focused on my individualistic achievements that I didn’t really question my relationship. I had married my first husband and together we had our beautiful little baby boy. Everything was supposed to be perfect… It just wasn’t…

I felt so conflicted: Was I giving up too easy? Or was I right to question a situation I didn’t feel made either of us happy?

Today, I know that I made the right decision. If we hadn’t ended our marriage, I wouldn’t have met my current husband. I wouldn’t have experienced 20 years and counting in a strong, healthy relationship. And most importantly, I wouldn’t have had my two youngest boys.

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Helping others

I felt honored by the trust women had in me, opening up about their relationships with their partners and the challenges every couple goes through.They felt like there was no one they could talk to about having hurt or disappointed their partners.

They saw their friends in good and stable relationships and felt ashamed sharing their own problems with them.

Staying neutral, and without judgement, I listened. Being in a long-term relationship myself, I understood the work involved in keeping the partnership a happy and healthy one.

I believe that many problems can be solved with direct and open communication, but that can only be achieved with self-confidence, belief in your own ability to improve, trust in the person you are opening up to, and the ability to visualize a possible future that is better than the situation you are currently in.

If you don’t believe you can resolve the issue you are addressing, you will not see the reasoning behind opening up in the first place. Any problem can be solved, with the right perspective and by asking the right questions.

Becoming a relationship mentor

In 2015, I completed my certification as a relationship coach, and opened my own praxis to help men and women get clarity about what they are looking for in a partner.

Through relationship coaching, I have discovered that what is holding so many people back from finding true love and lasting relationships is not knowing what they really need from another person. We all think we know what we want. But without truly understanding ourselves, we look in the wrong directions, and waste time and energy looking to fill check lists which have very little to do with really making ourselves happy.

Today, I help people find love, and keep it.

A healthy relationship starts with understanding and trusting yourself, so you can let go and let another person into your life.

Are you ready to make a change in the way you search for love? To discover what you really are longing for in a partner? To step outside your comfort zone and open up to new feelings and experiences?  Are you finally ready to date quality people who you can see as potential partners?

Then let this be the moment you do something about it. Our first talk is just a phone call away.
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