Men work with me so they can date women who are a better match for them.

By understanding how a woman thinks and acts upon,  you men have the opportunity to get to know these wonderful women.

Here is a basic and funny example to the different actions taken by a man and by a woman:

Situation for you guys:

I am hungry

Action: I open the fridge and see that I have the ingredients to cook spaghetti w. Tomato sauce. I therefore cook it!

Result: I am no longer hungry therefore content.

Same situation for a woman:

She is hungry (and lets say her fridge contains the exact same ingredients)

Emotion followed by an action: She could easily make spaghetti and tomato sauce BUT she feels a bit bloated, promised herself to cut on carbs, lose a bit of weight so she ends up making a soup in a cup and a cracker.

Result: Still a bit hungry. Not fully satisfied but no longer bloating.

So dear men, what have you learned?

You are probably laughing and thinking, why is she doing this to herself? she could have simply made the smart and fast choice (as I did) which would have made her full. Full is what you want to feel when you are hungry! So simple!

But for a woman it`s so much more than being full at that very moment.

She takes on an action thinking of the next day implications. The feeling of SELF-gratitude the following day is important for her. She needs to assure herself that her choice of food today, will feel like the right choice tomorrow.

Pay attention guys: when you propose an idea to a woman you care about and want to get to know better, you need to also be thinking about how she may be feeling in an hour from now, and on the next day.

Satisfying a woman is not only about her immediate and basic needs but also the way she will be looking back at it and feeling about it in the near and later future.

Will your proposal make her happy now? in an hour? tomorrow?

Keeping that thought in mind when suggesting an idea of an outing with her. This will help you better connect with her. By staying in touch with her the next day, you can reassure her, that she has made the right decision of spending time with you.

Remember this: On the rare occasion, when a quality woman takes on an action based ONLY on her momentarily satisfaction and nothing else, two things are happening:


1. She feels she is taking a risk and hopes she will not regret it in one or 24 hours


The gift of trusting in you and the gift of sharing some of her self control with you.

Being a man of integrity and quality, you need to thank her for great gift.

Show her how much you appreciate the time you spent with her –

that’s the respect she has earned.

A  thoughtful and sweet message or a phone call  –

that’s the assurance she needs to feel for giving her gift to the right man.