14 Reasons why you are not finding a partner in your 50s and later


Your friends and family know you are not in a relationship but may be unaware you are ready for one


For most people, going to singles events is not easy. You tell yourself you need to attend an X amount of parties to increase your chances of meeting someone you like. It`s about the quality of those events and not the quantity of times you attend


Online Dating doesn’t work for all. It can be time consuming, costly, disappointing, and unsafe


You are Letting bad experience discourage you by telling yourself:  “I am better off alone”. “There is no one out there for me.” Is that what you really think?


Your future spouse mental checklist is not being matched


You are dealing with fear of loss after a relationship which has ended tragically. Although it is hard to let go of that fear, It is absolutely essential in order to find new love


Fear of being rejected by someone you could potentially be intimate with. Your date will sense your fear from far away and will keep their distance from you


You compare every date to the ones before. Keeping a score chart of your dates


You are still sometimes missing your ex. Your emotional cord isn’t cut yet


You believe that new love will replace old love. That’s not the case. This will never work


You desperately want to be in a relationship and no longer alone and therefore date people who aren’t right for you


You fear intimacy – both physical and emotional. It has been a long while since you had sex and opened up to someone


You keep repeating the same Relationship patterns. Patterns that revolves around not getting one or more of your emotional needs met. You are either unaware of it or fear the change involved in ending those patterns


You lack self-esteem which manifests in

having a less attractive posture

Ignoring eye contact which seems to the opposite side as lack of interest

when describing yourself in front of others you are short and self judgmental  

Yes! You can change this

Throughout my years of coaching and workshops I organized for both men and women on the topic of relationships and communication, I had the pleasure of working with men and women from around the world, different backgrounds, beliefs, personalities and interest and common relationship problem. All sharing the same desire:

To find love, be in love and stay in love

Typically, my clients come to me when they deeply want to be in a loving and fulfilling relationship. Many of my clients believe that being over 50 and single makes it much harder for them to find a companion and have therefore lost hope in finding love.  

They are ready for a change. They want to be happy.  To give and receive love. To enjoy the company of a caring partner whom they can talk about anything, travel with, make love. And so we begin to work of achieving it all.

I believe that no one who wishes to be in a mature relationship, who is ready to do the work in order to change their life –  should be alone.

I take great pleasure is seeing the amazing transformation of my clients to confident, happy,  and passionate people.

I help my clients to become the best version of themselves by overcoming fears and blocks which they believe prevent them from meeting and being in a loving relationship.

For example, I have a client who would tell me that by being an introvert, it prevents him from connecting with wonderful women he would love to get to know better.  

We would work on building his dating experience and skills. Him feeling more confident and sexually attractive.  

Or a client who tells me she had bad experiences dating men who disrespected her and wanted only sex from her. We would work on the message she puts out there when she connects with men, understanding the male side and learn how to draw his attention towards what she wants.  

12 tips to finding a partner when you are 50+


Speak openly to your friends and let them know you are ready for a relationship /   looking for companionship. They may know a friend who knows a friend


Small dinners are a great way of meeting interesting people. Either occasionally host them or suggest a bring a friend for dinner to 2-3 good friends of yours


You may have had bad experiences and the next person you will date may have had them too, so try to stay positive, open, and don’t connect dots when they aren’t any. He or she are not responsible to anything which happen in your past.


If you don’t like blind dates, suggest a phone call instead.

Find a relaxing moment on your couch with a glass of wine and enjoy a nice phone conversation


There are no rules of who makes the first move. If you spot someone you would like to talk to, let them know


If you met someone you like and he or she don’t seem to perfectly fit your wishlist,

do not dismiss them. They may have great qualities to be your movies, dinner, or sex companion


Intimacy takes away loneliness and brings happiness into your life. 

Happy people are seen as more sexy to others


Presenting yourself with confidence plays a big part in your dating success. Confidence is also very sexy! So walk with your head high. There is no shame in currently being without a partner


Create a bucket list of all the fun and crazy things you would like to try out.

Keep them in mind always. This will keep a smile on your face and the drive to make them happen


You are the most important person in your life!

Say that again and again until it sticks.

You therefore consciously bring closer to you

people who makes you happier and do not waste your energy on the ones who don`t


Do not give up on online dating: One of the common mistakes of failing in this platform is having a bad description and profile image. Get a good photographer to make professional and nice images of you and have a friend you trust comment on your profile description


Stay as active as possible: Sign up in a gym, mornings and evenings are filled up with 50+ active and fit members. Join international platforms such as meetup and Internations to connect online and also for different activities with international people sharing the same hobbies and interests you have

Finally ready for a change?

I help men and women who are trying to change

unhealthy relationship patterns, so that they can

live a passionate and fulfilled life.

I do this through personal online coaching.

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