As a Boomer woman, finding yourself back again in the “dating pool” may feel overwhelming.

There is a general feeling that you may be “competing” with younger women.

From my experience, that is not the case.

Here is how men in their second stage of life, see you and therefore, would LOVE to be with you!


Older women have healthy and strong relationship skills in order to sustain a meaningful and solid relationship.


Boomer women know themselves very well and with that,what they like and don’t like, and have no issue expressing it. That on it own, makes it easier for the men who are grateful for not having to guess.


Women at a later stage of their lives are more confident in themselves and their achievements and tend to not take things too personal. They also tend to be more forgiving and understanding towards their partner.


There are many reasons why you find yourself dating again. For whichever reason it is, both you and him, can both relate better to it.


Men who have been in a long term relationship and find themselves dating again, wish for emotional support and true companionship. Another reason a mature woman such as yourself are are much better fit.


Boomer women have different wishes. Getting married is often not a wish. The focus is more on a partner who is like minded, a good listeners, and enjoy quality time together. Since you both have more relationship experience,  you respect the fact that relationships are hard work and you dont run away with the first crisis.


As an experienced woman, you tend to trust and be more connected to your intuition. You are at the same stage of your lives and value love and romance.


There is still so much more to experience!  Setting goals with someone who is in the same stage of life as you are makes it easier.  


After divorce / loss of a partner / retirement – social connections has reduced.  building a new one together is that suites the both of you, is something which you both can benefit from.  

Bottom line, it`s about loving yourself. Being confident in how unique and wonderful you are!  

Thank you for reading.