Do you have a friend you would like to get much closer to? How can you make them realize you would like more, without loosing them altogether? 

In order for your friend to understand you would like to get closer romantically, they need to see some changes in your behavior, the time you are spending with them and your effort. 

They also need to feel the stronger importance of you in their lives! 

Being a good friend means that you are always there for them whenever they need someone to talk to, take a load of their daily stress etc. 

A relationship which has a solid friendship base will last longer as the attraction often extends beyond the superficial reasons like looks and income.  

BUT if you wish to have more, you need to make him / her aware 


Here are 4 SIMPLE tips of how you can make this happen: 


  1. Make yourself less available for them. 

Why? To make sure you are not taken for granted. By making yourself less available, they may appreciate you more, get to miss you as they see a bit less of you. 

  1. Start dating OTHERS 

Why? This might get them curious and would want you to share some juicy details with them.  This can get you and your friend closer and more intimate when you speak about romance, love, sex..  They will see you in a new light. You are now potentially someone’s lover, sexual partner. 

  1. Give your friend some small “assignments” 

Why? By asking them for small favors, you shift the energy a bit to them being here for you and not only you for them. Of course, if this is already the case, meaning, both you and your friend are helping each other, maybe you can give stronger gratitude. 

Something like: I really appreciate you building up the cupboard for me, you are amazing! I could have never done this one my own, come over for dinner tonight, I will cook your favorite.  

  1. Be honest and let things happen

Remember that you as well have experienced friendship and nothing more. So you need to let the changes happen in a natural and soft way. Stay relaxed, be your natural self, so they can feel comfortable to explore the new grounds. 

Have fun and don`t over think things. Whatever the outcome is, your friendship will rise above it all.