What`s in a smile, a touch?

Can we and should we analyze every move of the person we had a lovely encounter with?

Is it even fair having all that weight and expectation on a person we barely know?


I recommend my clients not to.


I don`t believe it to be helpful and serve the greater purpose of better knowing that special person.

The signs and signals we believe are coming from the person in front of us can be confusing and misinterpreted and sometimes are not meant to be “sent out”.

This evening is to better understanding how our body language and words are been seen by men.  Why we sometimes want to be seen in one way but end up sending different signals.

What gets a mans attention and how can we use the strength we have as women to get it!

I coach both men and women on self confidence, relationships and communication, and with that, try to create a greater awareness of the needs and wishes of the other side.

By expressing yourself in a more clear and confident way, you can minimise bad experiences and lower your expectations to the fair and correct proportion.

We will be having some prosecco  and light snacks and enjoy 2 hours of open and fun discussions.