Why? because I get to spend time with people who want to make a difference in their lives. Who allow me to get close enough to see the beauty and strength in them and to let me support them on their journey to a better place in their lives. Somewhere they have been wanting to go to for a while, not realizing they are already carrying all the tools they need to get there.

When we stop using those tools for a while, by tools I mean our qualities, we forget about owning them. Like a tool box hidden in the corner of our basement collecting dust.

All I do is bring their attention to it, pull out the necessary tools, and together we create a plan on how to use then in order build what my client wishes and deserves to have.

Last Sunday I had the most amazing day. It reminded me once again, why I so LOVE what I do!

I organized an interactive hike for people which are not in a Relationship. I got to spend the whole day with positive, inspiring and curious to know more kind of people.

We went on a great hike in the beautiful nature and had some crazy talks along the way.

We laughed about life, and shared experiences so we can all learn from one another and ended up in Meilen for a fresh evening swim. I came home feeling exhausted and blessed!

It was magical and I am already working on the next creative and fun day.

I feel lucky to get to walk new and exciting paths with people whom I would have never met otherwise and whom I can inspire and inspire me.

I ask my clients and participants to be curious, don`t expect much, and enable their minds and hearts to open to new and exciting opportunities.

We never know what tomorrow will bring so let`s not assume, plan too much and restrict our minds and hearts to certain expectations.

If you would like to read more about our hike and the impressions of the participants, please click here:


I wish you a wonderful week!