We all have some sort of emotional baggage.

These are fears, beliefs and expectations we have accumulated and have been carrying with us from past relationships. I like to use the metaphor of a backpack which with time and age is getting heavier and heavier to carry.

This baggage may be with you since childhood. In fact, your parents relationship is your first memory of a relationship.

As a child you observed the way your parents relationship. The way they shown love to each other, the time they spent together, the way the communicated with one another and you subconsciously based your opinion about relationships.

It’s a special way of observing and grasping what relationships is all about. Its like looking at a picture and at the same time being in that picture.

The way they were behaving towards each other has not only influenced your childhood but you are carrying a certain amount of baggage with you which you either decided that this is how it should be or you never what it to be this way.

As you grew up, moved out, started dating, you gained more experience and with every relationship that ended, you added to your backpack more information.
And with every relationship you start, whether you like it or not, you “apply” that information and expect certain things to happen the way you think they should. 

But what if they don`t?

What if the way you handled things may have worked in your previous relationship but not in this one? In fact, you got the exact opposite reaction than what you thought you would…
Remember that the person you just got to know does not know about your backpack and is not here to “fix” your feelings or issues.

They won`t behave like your ex, so don`t impose a certain emotion or behavior.
The only way to start a relationship in a healthy way, and to give it a proper chance, is to acknowledge your baggage, by understanding why you own it in the first place. And letting go of it.
Like the heavy backpack you have been carrying for a while, removing content from it will make you feel lighter, and that will change your posture, your perspective and your life as a whole.

Are you ready to say goodbye to baggage you have been carrying for too long?
Lets get started!