Esther-Perel.pgThis topic (click here for the video) I find to be very fascinating and often one I come across as a coach.

The connection between intimacy, relationship, desire, love, feelings…

Esther Perel explains it in such a simple and clear way, why it is that we want to have it all under the same umbrella with the same committed and long-time partner

The need and want 2 main anchors which in a way feel the very opposite from each other. On the one hand side, we seek for security, safety, reliability etc.

On the other hand side, adventure, mystery, unknown etc.

How can we have it all from the same partner. Can we expect it, demand it?

I believe it is an important message that we need to listen to before we start drifting apart from our partners, before we think of making less of an effort in our relationship.

What do you think?